easter egg coloring

Coloring Easter eggs is a timeless activity and one that our family LOVES.

Easter is right around the corner, literally 5 days away, it’s time

to get some eggs ready for the big day.

I “hopped” over to Pinterest to search for inspiration and some fun new ways to color.

As usual I was not disappointed,  and found some fabulous DIY’s.

Here are a few of my favorites…enjoy!

Stencil Eggs


(of course this caught my eye being it’s my favorite monogram letter)


No Dye Glitter Eggs

Glitter Eggs Pic


Sprinkle Eggs

Sprinkle Eggs Pic


Classic Eggs 7 Ways

7 Dying Techniques Pic

How cute right?! Want more ideas? “Hop” over to Pinterest and check out my Spring Board.

I will be sharing pictures in a follow up this week, after we color, stay tuned!


xoxo erin


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